Bethard Mobile App 2021: Our Review and Why You Should Download It

As a modern betting platform, Bethard, offers a contemporary and smooth experience that makes it a delight to use – but how does its mobile application measure up? This is our review for the Bethard Mobile App and everything you need to know if you want to download it. Remember that you can use the  Bethard Bonus Code BONUSMAX to get extra bonuses and offers.

Comparison Table of Bonuses and Offers in the Bethard Mobile Application

BethardBonus and Offers (2021)Bethard App Download
Sportsbetting £5 each time you wager £100 DOWNLOAD BETHARD APP NOW
Casino 100% bonus on 1st deposit DOWNLOAD BETHARD APP NOW
Fantasy Sports £11 buy-in back if loss DOWNLOAD BETHARD APP NOW

How to download Bethard Mobile Application : Android and iOS

Downloading the application is really simple. On those devices running Android, you will simply want to head to the Play Store and search for the Bethard mobile application. Once you find it, you can read through the various reviews and check that your device matches the necessary technical specifications. Now install the app, and you will see that it has appeared on your home screen. The process is equally as simple for iOS devices: follow the same steps but use the App Store instead.

Both Bethard mobile apps are relatively lightweight given the functionality that they offer, and this is a sign of a quality application that has been lovingly created. It means that you do not have to worry about your device being bloated and losing significant amounts of important space. Remember to enter if needed the  Bethard Bonus Code BONUSMAX to get extra bonuses.

Bethard Mobile App 2019

Play on the Bethard Mobile Application

Play Poker on Mobile

Bethard has a feature-rich live casino on offer, and this includes many of the classic variations on the game of poker. You will find traditional options that casual players love, such as Texas Hold’em Poker. The user interface and experience are very smooth, making it easy for you to adjust your stakes and get full visibility into the cards that you have in your hand. If there is a promotion, enter the  Bethard Bonus Code BONUSMAX to get it.

More complex options are on offer too, and players can even choose to enjoy a 50-hand multi-hand poker game that can lead to some seriously big wins. The games are quick to access and load, meaning that you are able to make the most of the experience on the move. Whether you’re on the train, a passenger in the car or cruising on the metro, you will be delighted at how quickly the experience moves along.

Sports Bet on Mobile

Bethard is focused primarily around its sportsbook offering, and football is where players will find some of the best odds and promotions on offer. With that said, players can also look forward to placing bets on a huge range of other sports like basketball, hockey, American football and more.

Placing bets is simple. The UI is very clean and it’s easy to navigate through the various markets that are on offer. Live betting is also a star here, with Bethard offering players a range of competitive odds that can be enjoyed at the moment. While the number of markets available for live betting is reduced, players will find that the odds and experience on offer can rival that of even the largest and best-established platforms. Cashing in and out is also simple on mobile, ensuring that players can manage their finances and cash with absolute ease. In case there is a promotion, enter  Bethard Bonus Code BONUSMAX to get it.

Live Broadcast on Mobile Application

Unfortunately, Bethard does not currently offer live streaming like some of its competitors.  Bethard is relatively fresh on the scene and it could come to offer this functionality in the future. If you like the look and feel, the odds and the overall experience, It might be worth sticking around to see how the platform develops over the years.

Bethard Mobile App 2019


Use the Responsive Website of Bethard Mobile Application

If you are concerned about installing apps on your phone or you simply don’t have the required space, then you might want to consider using the mobile website that Bethard has on offer. Bethard is relatively new to the scene, meaning that its website has been crafted using the most contemporary development techniques. This means that its mobile website is just as feature-rich and well-organized as its desktop website.

Players will feel right at home here, given that the UI and UX are very similar. This makes it easy to navigate the website, find the games that you love and make the necessary adjustments to your account in terms of finances. Of course, one of the key disadvantages of using the mobile website is the lack of convenience: if you log in through the mobile application you will find that it is a smoother and less complex experience.

Bethard’s Other Assets

Cash Out

Bethard offers quick deposits and withdrawals via its mobile application. In terms of withdrawals, there is no maximum and players are free to use a wide range of methods. There is, however, a minimum withdrawal of £20.

It is important that players have a good understanding of the Bethard Terms & Conditions before they play and make a commitment by depositing. This will ensure that the player understands everything that they need and there will be no unexpected surprises along the way. These terms and conditions can change, so you should be sure to look out for any significant changes to them.

Bethard Mobile Application Promotions

Bethard does not offer promotions currently that are specific to mobile, but players can still benefit from all of the standard Bethard promotions that are on offer. There is a wide range of options and players will find that they can change often. The promotions develop over time and change in accordance with the most recent sporting events. At the moment, for example, there is a generous offer related to the Euro 2020 qualifiers. It is worth checking back regularly to see how the promotions have developed and if there is a particular one that you can take advantage of to win big.

It is possible to create your account from scratch using the mobile app. This means that you do not have to first register on a desktop website, making the experience even simpler and smoother for players. In fact, registering using the mobile app is just as easy as doing so using the desktop website. Players will also have the option to redeem their chosen bonus using this method. Remember, to use the Bethard Bonus Code BONUSMAX in order to get the extra promotions